Meet San Joaquin Financing, San Lucas Bank

San Joaquin Financing, which is now San Lucas Financing, after being acquired by the Spanish bank, is a company of credit and financing of vehicles and other goods. It is the market leader in the financing of new and used vehicles.


What are the services offered by San Joaquin Financing?

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For those who are already clients of San Lucas Financing, the financial offers a series of advantages and services.

You can issue and print the tickets of the financing installments at any time, check the balance and the installments of the contract, and also consult and print the Income Tax return at any time and request a copy of your agreement whenever you want.

There is also the possibility of transfer of the financing without changing the conditions of contract and exchange of the financed asset without changing the data of the contract.

You can access these services, in addition to the site, by the recently launched application of San Lucas Financing, available for Android and Iphone.

The program also offers advantages for those who carry out vehicle financing and has a checking account with San Lucas bank.

By choosing to pay the installments of the automatic debit financing in your current account in San Lucas, the applicant receives a bonus of up to 2.0% in the amount of each installment in the account.

For example, with the automatic debit applied since the first installment of a financing with 60 installments in the amount of R $ 1000 reais each, there is a bonus of R $ 20.00 for each installment paid. That is, you can receive up to $ 1200 until the end of the contract.

Other benefits of San Lucas’s Relationship Program Financing:

  • 3 months without paying the monthly fee of the service packages;
  • 10 days without interest at the limit of the account every month;
  • Possibility of reversion of bonuses for cellular, when reaching an amount spent in tariffs between R $ 26.00 and R $ 60.00.

San Lucas’s financing offers several benefits.


What are the advantages available to the company?

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It is possible to make vehicle financing in up to 60 fixed installments and with lower interest rates than in other financing or loan models practiced in the market. The advantages listed on the financial website itself are:


Custom offer


It is possible to make a personalized simulation for the need and the conditions of each person and, thus, the options are individualized, with transparency in the prices.





With little information, such as the make and model of the vehicle you want to fund, such as the year of manufacture, fuel and value. The simulator is already returning to a quick credit response.




The process is bureaucratic and allows the mobility and the comfort of doing where it is more comfortable for the client.



Custom offer

The bank is the market leader in the vehicle financing segment and has been in the market for more than 50 years. This ensures greater security and solidity in negotiating the financing conditions and closing the deal.

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